Below is a selection if panels, performances and workshops that will be at SunnyCon Anime Expo 2019.

We are always open to suggestions from experts and fans alike to give our event a diverse and varied schedule where attendees can talk and share their passions with their peers.

Panels will be added below very soon. You can watch panels from 2018 and past events over on our YouTube channel.


If you wish to be a part of SunnyCon Anime Expo 2019 and want to run a panel, host a workshop or even perform for attendees then submit your panel, performance or workshop to us and we will see if you can help make SunnyCon 2019 awesome.


An Introduction To J-Horror


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenA bigger and better version of the panel I ran in 2018, going more in depth on some of Japan's most famous and influential work's of horror, covering movies, manga, novels, video games and more!

Anime: Beyond The Screen


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenAnime: Beyond The Screen is an examination of the way in which fiction interacts with our daily lives. Drawing on a wide range of academic theory and a bucket load of the best Anime, drop by to see what makes Otaku culture tick. From Smart-phones to career choices and much more. Come discover proof that your Waifu is real.


20 tips to improve your cosplay!


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenA run down of 20 top tips to improve your cosplays from make up, posing, crafting and performance, the panel aims to give a range of suggestions from the easy to the unheard of to help improve those new to cosplay and long term veterans!


Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Q&A


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenA danganronpa panel where the audience can ask questions to characters and a section where we will have truth or dare questions asked.

Funtom cosplay association Q & A


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenJoin us for a live in character Black Butler question and answer panel.


Bird Keeper Toby Q&A


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenBird Keeper Toby will be in attendance at SunnyCon and he's ready to answer any question you may have for him. Toby is a well established YouTube star and has multiple videos exploring the lore around Pokemon and this is your chance to meet him in person and ask any questions about being a Poke professor or just how to make it streaming.


K-Pop Dance Class


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenEver wanted to learn the choreography to one of your favourite K-pop songs, but didn’t know where to start? Then NSU’s K-Pop Dance Society taster is for you! We’re actively trying to create fun solutions to staying fit and healthy, whilst being able to appreciate Asian culture in a judgement-free zone. Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to pros, no need to be a hardcore BTS stan or world class dancer to enjoy yourself! If you can't wait the NSU run classes weekly go check them out HERE.



Despite being an all age event we do cater to the more mature attendee members and for 2019 we will have a special area dedicated to 18+ content. If you plan on attending an 18+ panel please be aware we do ask and only accept photo ID as proof of age.

Still Not Enough Hentai: THE FOURTH ONE!


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2019 Hentai Panel ImageThe Science of Imagination Returns! Rising from the ashes of Tumblr, we once again look at the very best (and worst) the Internet can offer. From Super Crowns to Tankery, Superheroes to The Sonic Fandom the Hentai panel bares all. Strictly Over 18's only. ID required.

Hentai Gameshow


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenJoin us for an interactive hentai experience. There will be quiz games, picture rounds and so much more. Battle it out to find out which of your friends group is truly the most knowledgeable in the field of hentai.


Room 101


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ AllenGuests will get the chance of a lifetime to banish their gripes to the mythical room 101. Join us as we debate some of the more serious and humorous topics in the anime and wider geek community. This panel will contain mature themes and as such we have given it an 18+ only rating.


2019 Panel TBA


Sunnycon Anime Expo 2018 Panelist EJ Allen2019 Placeholder spot. Panels coming soon!


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