Cosplay is one of the biggest parts of SunnyCon Anime Expo and we love it!

Returning once more for 2019 will be our cosplay competitions.

Sunnycon Anime Expo has 3 cosplay competitions over the weekend which are; Masters, Rising Star and Non Competitive divisions. Masters is our big contest with a huge cash prize for cosplayers who place 1st-3rd. Our Rising Stars is a less intensive competition with only one prize for 1st place and our Non Competitive which any cosplay can enter.



Whether you are competing or not cosplayers will have a sanctuary at SunnyCon. We will be providing the basic materials and tools needed for cosplay repairs.

Also returning to SunnyCon Anime Expo will be Poly-Props.


Poly-Props are a specialist store who stock all kinds of craft foam, adhesives, primers and paints as well as crafting materials. Everything you could ever need for any size cosplay project can be found with them. Over the weekend you can get a up close look and meet the experts behind Poly-Props.


There are no judges set in place yet. We are currently looking for highly skilled cosplayers who will be judging for our 2019 contest in Newcastle. As soon as we book a guests it will be announced here first!


Cosplay contest entries for 2019 are now live!


Before you enter be sure to read our updated rules as there are changes from previous years. You can find rules by clicking the buttons below choosing which contest you which to take part in. Once you're set in what you want to cosplay click the registration button below and fill in the form.


If you have any queries regarding your cosplay entry e-mail


We are stepping it up for our talent contest in 2019. Given the standard of acts in previous years we feel that such talent should be rewarded and in 2019 there will be prizes for those who place 1st - 3rd as opposed to just one prize at past events. Entry is now live!

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